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I travel through a changing rural world. A world that changes thanks to the entrepreneurship and above all the attention to the Nature of Sensitive Farmers and respectful of the rules and principles of the same.

Ecosustainable Farm

4 ^ Point – F.lli Perricone S.S. Farm

The Farm: The company is based in Chiusa Sclafani (PA) via Hungary n ° 95, a few kilometers from the connecting road: Palermo Sciacca. From Trapani Airport (km 116.00) continue towards Mazara del Vallo exit Castelvetrano, direction Agrigento, exit Menfi. From the Menfi junction follow the signs for Sambuca di Sicilia and continue for Chiusa Sclafani. From Palermo Airport itself (Km 115).

Farm Description – The Perricone family has been cultivating land for several years and cultivating high quality products in the center of Sicily, in the province of Palermo, inside the Parco dei Monti Sicani. Already in 1800, Perricone Michele was conducting land in the present Contessa Entellina, Bisacquino and Chiusa Sclafani producing oil, wheat, tomatoes, cherries, almonds and grapes.
The company was later conducted by Grandfather Nicola, in the period 1935 – 1985 and Peppino, our father until 2010.
Over the years, the company has focused on new productive processes by increasing cherry and olive cultivation by focusing on organic quality production since 2004.
Since 2010 is the agricultural company F.lli Perricone that leads all the soils in biological.
The cultivation of cherry in Biological: it is one of the most important productions that, with great satisfaction, is proposed in the months of May – July to the consumers of Sicily. Since 2015, the extra jam processing allows you to propose a high quality product all year round. The cherries are collected rigorously by hand, one by one, and placed in cassettes. After picking cherries, selection, packaging, labeling and sale are made.
The cultivation of the olive in Biological: with great care of the details, the harvest takes place according to techniques that combine elements of the tradition with the present innovations. Olives are harvested by hand with the aid of facilitators. After harvesting, within 24 hours, milling and stacking of extra virgin olive oil in silos occurs.
Cultivation of the Seminary in Organic: The annual rotation is respected by alternating grain on oat or clover and with the cultivation of Corleonese tomato.
In 2015, the company led by Rosario, Domenico and Caterina made an establishment for the production of jams, jams, sauces and bottling of extra virgin olive oil.
The Company produces and markets both organic and traditional quality products.
The Company’s corporate mission is to produce and market typical Sicilian quality products with particular attention to the organoleptic characteristics of food safety.
The reference markets are national, hotels, wine shops, European and international, with particular reference to America, Japan and China.
Young entrepreneurs have invested in an important quality closure of a quality food chain linked to the Mediterranean Diet, which is part of a broader field of product valorisation, rich in natural, landscaping and monumental landscapes: the Sicani Mountains.

Idea and Objectives of the Entrepreneur – The mission of the company is to exploit the products of the Sicani Mountains through the production of jams, jams and sauces Bio and High quality. To these adds the extra virgin olive oil BIO. The products are placed in medium high targets with significant results as the combination of quality-price combined with high environmental and ethical value is combined.

  • The brand used is that of the Mediterranean Diet, recognized by UNESCO as an immaterial cultural heritage of humanity. There are numerous social actions undertaken in favor of associations and parishes.

Farm Characteristics – One of the most significant features of the company is that of biodiversity of cultivated and finished products obtained with artisan techniques and very high organoleptic quality. Here are the main products of this company:

  • BIO Certified Products
    Gourmet BIO Orange Jam with Ginger in jars of 320 gr
    Corleonese BIO tomato sauce Mediterranean products from gr 446
    Cherry Joker BIOin jars of 220 gr pieces
    Cherry Joker BIOin jars of 220 gr
    Orange BIO jam in jars of 320 gr
    Chocolates with Cocoa


  • BIO Orange Balm Jam with Ginger and Cinnamon in 320g Jars
    High Quality Conventional Products
    Cherry jam with vinegar wine vinegar 220 gr
    Orange jam and Don Peppino apple from 320 gr
    ClementineDon Peppino marmalade from 220 gr
    Extra jam of almonds and almondsDon Peppino in jars of 220 gr
    Extra jam of pears with nuts and cinnamonDon Peppino in jars of 220 gr
    Extra cherry jamDon Peppino in jars of 220 gr
    Extra jam of figs with nutsDon Peppino in jars of 220 gr
    Extra jam of figs with Don Peppino nuts in 320 gr. Jars
    Extra peach jam with Amaretti Don Peppino in jars of 320 gr
    Extra jam of apples with almonds Don Peppino in jars of 320 gr
    Extra jam of apples with Cannellain jars of 220 gr
    Cherry compote with Cacaoda 320 gr
    Compound of Apples with Amaretti and cacaoin jars of 220 gr

  1. Agricultural Products – Yes
  2. Animal Products – No
  3. Transformed Agricultural Products – Yes
  4. Transformed Livestock Products – No
  5. Company Products Tasting – Yes
  6. Didactic Services – Yes
  7. Other –

How to contact the Company: Website
Legal Representative Dr. Domenico Perricone cell +39 3394600157
Production cycle manager Dr. Rosario Perricone +39 3393906357
Commercial Manager Dr. Nicola Perricone cell +39 3382265653

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