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Man, Agriculture, Food, Life

Man, Agriculture, Food, Life

If we want our planet, its peoples, our friends, every living being, every molecule, assume the full dignity for which there have to rewrite thousands of pages of pseudo science, knowledge of thousands of pages, thousands of pages of economic theories aberrate and aberrant.

If we really want, right from the depths of our consciousness, make sense of all the things of our lives, from the tangible to those who from time to time call …. Spiritual, soul, God, and so on, we have to get out of the deception of a culture and a derived science that we are leading to a disaster unparalleled, unprecedented; of such dimensions that our clouded minds prevent us from understanding.
If we want to take a history of well-being and peace we can not walk along the path traced by the last days of history.
The category of things we should do, the logical order to be built can not belong to the thought that this dark period of history has given us. We must broaden our feeling, the way we think, our logical manner.
When we are going to put a seed in the ground we are already responsible and co-responsible for an action that is not single or unconnected to the rest of the things around. When we use the land, its heritage, its beings, we create history and poverty or wealth.
When our behavior is not synchronous with the principles on which the Cosmos we decrease was built itself and all creatures present in it, thus decreasing ourselves.
When we build social patterns, environmental and economic away from the Nature of which we are made, we demolish our ego and our neighbor.

We can not think of creating social and environmental well if our scientific and economic theorems are based on a vision of the totally opposite to that of the Life Nature.
Nature is not based on the absurdities haphazardly and without value of cut-throat competition between men and things, aggression and interference of the systems created by “free” invasive and destructive markets.
Nature, in its apparent complexity, is based on a uniqueness disarming and charming with a Trinitarian system where Diversity, Sobriety and Near to rotate around a center that coordinates everything and understands everything.
We can not feed ourselves in a healthy way if the food we produced is corrupt, we can not build justice if the fruit of our work has caught the next, we can not feed the world if to do kill the planet.
* All is One; there is no genuine food if the rules that we have adopted to produce it also interfered against only one of soil microorganisms; there is no dignity of our work if the remuneration that we have made they have been achieved by decreasing someone or something around us.
All wealth generated by such a policy is the foundation of suffering for someone and for ourselves.
Over the last 150 years we have created a culture of death and oppression; separating science and economics that makes the poor; laws misleading, dressed in equity and justice, joined governments in the name of a false peace and a false wellbeing.
We need to rewrite the foundations of Science, completely revise the treaties of Economics, refound the foundations of knowledge.
When we talk about competition, free market, financial markets …. etc., they are all concepts arising from a colossal mistake of the man who thought, with his blind reason, to break away from the One of which is made and maintained.
We must not destroy the math, languages, knowledges; we simply make them converge on that uniqueness where Diversity, Sobriety and Near to join in a balance and harmony where the sum of the individual is greater than the whole.
Guido Bissanti

* M. Talbot (1997) – All is One – Urra – Apogee Ltd. – Milan.

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