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Biome of Europe

Biome of Europe

Biome of Europe – Within each climatic range there are different natural environments, each with a community of living beings, animals and plants. Bioma (from the Greek bios = life) is the set of plant and animal species of a particular geographic area of the Earth, which live in close relationship with each other and influence each other.

Biome conformation depends on several factors, linked to each other: latitude, altitude, seasonal alternation, abundance of precipitation. Biomasses are identified according to the dominant vegetation in each one.
In Europe, the permafrost of the polar arctic shell to the tundra (characterized by a low vegetation of mosses and lichens) and the taiga (extensive coniferous forests) passes. Proceeding south are: mixed forest (hardwood and conifer), temperate forest (dominated by birch, oak, beech, chestnut, maple, etc.) and prairies that in the southern part of Russia leave the steppe place. The Mediterranean region is dominated by Mediterranean scrub with olive trees, cork oaks, pines, heather, broom and myrtle.

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