Forestry Agricultural Study

Forestry Agricultural Study

Within this article you can download the free manual containing the guidelines for the preparation of Agricultural and Forestry Studies following the most recent regulatory updates on 24-06-2021.
The publication was born from the collaboration of a group of professionals who deal in various capacities with territorial planning and ecological and environmental analyzes and assessments.
The objective was to identify, also following the recent regulations on urban planning, landscape and land protection, which are reported in the manual, a univocal procedure for the preparation of Agricultural and Forestry Studies (SAF), as indicated in the LR 15/91 and subsequent amendments and i. of the Sicilian Region.
The SAFs are a preparatory tool for territorial planning, at various levels and represent, together with geological studies, the basic structure for a sustainable use of the territory.
The evolution of the regulations on urban planning, landscape and land protection, which has taken place from 1991 to today, could not fail to have repercussions and repercussions on the SAF, so much so as to push us to review the procedures adopted so far to make them synchronous and updated to new needs.

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Studio Agricolo Forestale

A comparative analysis was thus carried out of all existing regulations on the subject, both at regional and national level, in a broader framework of reference which are the international and European directives and strategies on the subject.
For this reason the method, which is indicated in the manual, takes into account a new systemic and dynamic concept of planning no longer seen as a “photograph” of the territory but as a guiding tool for a sustainable coexistence between the anthropic effects of human activities and ecological needs of the territory.
A planning that must therefore set itself a new pact of peaceful coexistence and which, in this sense, also becomes an educational and cultural element.
The relevant regulations, their implementation needs, and the most suitable procedures to make the SAF a suitable tool for a modern planning model have been analyzed below.
Finally, in addition to the standard procedures to be adopted, non-compulsory studies have also been identified, but recommended to the Administrations, in order to provide them, in addition to this preparatory tool, also with thematic studies and maps useful for further levels of planning and socio-economic planning related to urban planning.

Guido Bissanti
Arturo Genduso
Natalia La Scala
Salvatore Pantò
Riccardo Perricone

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