Macerate of Elderberry

Macerate of Elderberry

Among the useful macerates, especially for vegetable crops, there is also the common elder macerate (Sambucus nigra L.).
This macerate is particularly useful for keeping mice and voles away, avoiding possible damage to production.
When preparing the elderberry macerate, you must be careful to use gloves, avoiding touching the preparation.

Preparation of the macerate –
For the preparation of the elderberry macerate, a glass or ceramic container must be used (absolutely avoiding metal containers) in which to macerate 1 kilo of leaves in 20 liters of water.
For this preparation it is necessary to use only the dried leaves of the elderberry. The preparation is then left to rest for 10 days in a secluded and closed place.
During these 10 days you need to be careful to mix the macerate, at least once a day, completely.
Remember that this macerate gives off a bad smell so it must be prepared and kept in environments where it does not create problems for people.
Among other things, bad smell is one of the major repulsive factors against animals that you want to keep away.
After 10 days, compost is placed on the pulp containing the leaves (which will thus carry out the double fertilizing and bad odor action) while the liquid is diluted in the ratio of each liter of macerate with 10 liters of water.

Usage –
For the use of elderberry macerate, every two days this must be distributed around the plants that we want to protect from these animals. Bad smell and bad taste will be unwelcome to these animals that will eventually go away.

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