Mint macerate

Mint macerate

Mint belongs to a genus of plants (Mentha spp. L., 1753) of the Lamiaceae family.
These are plants that are very easy to cultivate and which, in addition to food purposes, can be used for the preparation of very useful macerates against some insects, ants in particular.
Furthermore, this plant must be grown organically, therefore without the aid of harmful synthetic products.

Preparation of the macerate –
Before preparing the mint macerate you need to make sure you have the sufficient quantity of the plant as to prepare it you need 1 kg of mint leaves for every 10 liters of water.
You can also start with the use of dried leaves and in this case 100-150 grams of dried mint are used instead of a kilo.
The water to be used must be deionized or rainwater as that of the mains can contain high quantities of chlorine.

The preparation of the mint macerate proceeds in a similar way to the preparation of other macerates.
The leaves are left to soak in water for two weeks. During this period it is important to mix the maceration water every two days. Furthermore, the container where the macerate is produced must be as “inert” as possible, therefore either glass or ceramic, while those made of metal such as steel are absolutely excluded.
Furthermore, the container must not be hermetically sealed because the air exchange favors the process.
During these two weeks the liquid becomes dark and takes on a very strong odor, so it is good that the preparation is carried out in uninhabited rooms.
At the end of the process it can be used against ants spread directly in places of passage near the house or in burrows near the inhabited area.

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