Macerate of Tansy

Macerate of Tansy

Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare L., 1753) is a perennial herbaceous plant with yellow flowers, belonging to the Asteraceae family.
Especially once this bitter-tasting herb was used as an effective solution against intestinal worms.
Recent studies have shown that it also contains toxic substances so the preparation should be kept out of the reach of children for safety.
With tansy you can prepare a very effective macerate against: Mites, aphids, lepidoptera, spider mites, thrips, tortricide and can be used, in a preventive way, against fungal diseases; this macerated, moreover, strengthens the natural defenses of the plant.

Preparation –
The procedure for the preparation of the tansy macerate involves the removal of 300 – 400 grams of fresh plant or, alternatively, of 30-40 grams of dried plant.
This quantity of plant should be immersed in a container (possibly glass or plastic but not metal) and filled with 10 liters of rain or tap water (in this case it is preferable that it is water with a low salt content.
The mixture thus mixed will undergo fermentation, during which a lot of foam is produced; the process is accelerated with the heat of the sun.
The maceration period must be 5-6 days; in this period it is necessary to mix at least once a day in order to oxygenate the mixture, favoring decomposition.
As mentioned, it is good to place the container in a sunny area, allowing the mass to transpire and perhaps covering it with a jute cloth but without closing it.
When we notice, at the end of 5-6 days, that no more foam is formed, it means that the process is over, which will be evident by the presence of any brown color.
Since the tansy macerate gives off a strong odor, not appreciated by everyone, you can add valerian flower extract or two or three tablespoons of rock flour.
At this point, filtering is carried out with a dense cloth or with a sieve and the solution is diluted with water in the ratio 1 to 2.

Use –
This solution can be sprayed directly on the plants.
The treatment must be performed only once, or, in the case of strong infestations by mites and aphids, it can be repeated every 2-3 days until the mites or insects disappear.
Furthermore, the tansy macerate can be sprayed directly on the root collar to prevent some fungal diseases.

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