Cusparin, whose term in the IUPAC nomenclature is: 2- [2- (1,3-Benzodioxol-5-yl) ethyl] -4-methoxyquinoline, is an alkaloid isolated from angostura (Angostura trifoliata (Willd.) TSElias) which is synonymous with Cusparia officinalis Engl .; the term cusparina comes from Cusparia, in turn from Cuspapui, South American missionaries who made known the bark of this plant.
Cusparin has a brute or molecular formula: C19H17NO3.
From the chemical point of view it is a quinoline substituted in position 2 with a phenethyldioxolane.
From the physical point of view, it has a flash point of 151.462 ° C. Refractive index: 1.646; Polarizability: 35.307×10 -24 cm³; enthalpy of vaporization 64,688 kJ / mol.

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