Tabil (Arabic تابل) is a mixture of spices widely used both in Arab cuisine and, in particular, in Tunisian and other areas of North Africa.

Origins and History –
Tabil, a favorite spice especially in Tunisia and Algeria, unlike the more complex Ras el hanout, is much simpler.
Tabil is in fact a mixture prepared using dry ground garlic, dried red chilli pepper, coriander and caraway, a spice obtained from the seeds of the carum carvi, similar to caraway and very common in the Maghreb.
Tabil is used in numerous Tunisian recipes, and is among the most used spices in Tunisia to flavor couscous.
It is also used to marinate meat or fish or to season grilled vegetables.
Its predominant flavor should be that of coriander, also due to the fact that tabil in Arabic and Tunisian language means coriander (Darija).

Description –
The Tabil is obtained, as mentioned, mainly with dry ground garlic, dry red chilli pepper, coriander and caraway.
These spices are ground and homogenized so as to obtain at the end a dusty mixture of homogeneous color that can take on different shades of orange color more or less dark.

Active principles –
The nutritional values ​​of the Tabil are linked to the percentages that are used of the individual components which, as is evident, depends very much on the starting raw materials, so there is no standard data sheet of the nutritional values ​​and substances present in this spice.
This is due not so much to the variability of the components of the Tabil but also for the variety of the ingredients and also for the difference in characteristics, often of the spices that compose it as they also come from somewhat different cultivation systems.

Properties and Uses –
This all-Arab-flavored spice is used to marinate meat or sauces and is excellent on focaccia.
It is also fantastic for delving into the flavor of stews and tagine recipes.
Also excellent for seasoning and changing the simple and old couscous and, moreover, it makes the flavor of normal yogurt of another level ..
Remember that flavored yogurts are excellent as a dressing in Middle Eastern and Indian creams.

Preparations –
To prepare the Tabil we start from some ingredients. In this version the following are used:
– 4 chillies;
– Confetti, to taste;
– 6 cloves of garlic;
– 2 spoons of cumin;
– coarse salt to taste;
– extra virgin olive oil to taste
the procedure is as follows:
– powder 2 spoons of cumin seeds in the mortar, add 6 peeled cloves of garlic, 4 peppers, cleaned and seeded, a handful of coriander leaves and 2 pinches of coarse salt and pounded until a fine paste is obtained. Put it in a jar, cover it a little more than in a drizzle of oil and transfer everything to the fridge, where it will keep well for a few weeks.
Another variant provides for the spices to be dry roasted (except garlic powder) in a non-stick pan placed on medium heat for a couple of minutes, until they are toasted and give off a pleasant aroma, taking care not to burn them.
Let them cool completely, then coarsely grind them and mix them carefully adding the garlic powder. Transfer this mixture into a glass jar, close it tightly and preferably keep it in the dark. This will keep it well for about 1 month, not more.
In Tunisia it is used to accompany many dishes and is often used together with harissa to flavor chicken or lamb meat stews. Use it to marinate meat or fish, add a little to the meatball mixture or to season grilled vegetables or couscous.

Guido Bissanti

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