There will be no peace until …

There will be no peace until …

The crisis of our civilization, with its social, environmental and economic emergencies, has very remote origins and an objective report of the conditions that determined it and an awareness, without which every future act risks becoming ineffective is necessary and without proper discernment.
There will be no peace until we base our belief on the domination and subjugation of Nature and other peoples. There will be no justice until we call the expansion to other lands or the subjugation of other cultures progress.
There is no more time to live without peace, there are no more paths to travel with injustice, we have covered almost all of them. This is the time for an apology from men and women to their brothers. This is a time for reflection, for silence, for a request for forgiveness.
Forgiveness for the Shoah, operated by the Nazi regime of the Third Reich and their allies, between 1933 and 1945, which led to the extermination of about 16,000,000 people, the elderly, women, men, children to whom we have not even given the possibility of a love dream.
Australian Aborigines, among the cruelest and most forgotten genocides in history, against forgotten and peaceful people, began in 1770 and ended a few decades ago with the unworthy practical work of the “civil” state of the English Crown, to kidnap the children of the Aborigines to deport them to rehabilitation centers and with the extermination of 90% of the entire population.
Forgiveness to the American Indians, by the work of the civilian People of the Old Continent, which occurred since the arrival of the Europeans from the fifteenth century until the end of the nineteenth century and which leads to the extermination, among various causes, of about 100,000,000 natives of those lands, gesture hailed for decades by books, films, TV series, statues, squares etc …
Forgiveness for the genocide of the Cathars: done by some members of the Catholic Church in the thirteenth century, where the last Cathars, women and children, were massacred by order of the Vatican vicar who ordered the soldiers: “Kill them all, then when they are dead, it will be God to judge whether they are heretics or not. ”
Forgiveness for the genocide of the Tutsi people of Rwanda: which occurred only a few years ago, which, according to estimates, from April 6 to mid-July 1994, for about 100 days, saw the systematic massacre of a number of people that would reach 1,000 .000, genocide instigated and determined by European colonial rule, first German and then Belgian.

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Forgiveness for the Armenian holocaust, by the Ottoman Empire, between 1915 and 1916, with the deportation and killing of 1,500,000 million people, the elderly, women, men, children.
They forgive for all the other massacres, exterminations, deportations, deprivation of the freedoms operated above all by that people, which the history books define western civilization. What civilization and in whose name?
We forgive our children for writing and delivering untruthful history books, misleading them, carrying out another massacre called the soul amputation, one of the worst acts because there is nothing, nothing worse than witnessing the stupid amputation of a soul, Because there is no prosthesis for that!
Forgiveness for the actions that the scientific and technological Western Civilization is now carrying out. After massacring and starving millions and millions of innocent people, burning lands, stealing history, subtracting everything, she has now prepared a more subtle plan: the extermination of herself.
Except that he is no longer man against man but man against nature. We kill with pesticides and poisons all that is not the object of trade to be made to travel on the great highway open with the genocide of all time; the highway of liberal colonialism.
We subjugate environments, steal lands, shave forests, dry up soils, deface water and air, massacring on our way beings not contemplated by our advanced legislative codes: insects, birds, animals, fish, beings of all sizes and species.
There will be no peace until humanity has understood the meaning of Creation, the Rules of Nature, the Codes of Life. There will be no peace until every human being, beyond the idioms, traditions and customs, speaks a single language: that of Nature.
Today, we have gone to a higher level, after having eliminated any “competitor” inconvenient for the aforementioned purposes, we have declared war on the Planet; today it is not only the innocents that we have deported and killed, the acts of love that we have stolen, to ask for justice, it is the whole Life to do it.
But not justice for our condemnation, for your death. Life does not punish: it is patient, it is benign; she is not envious, does not boast, does not swell, does not disrespect, does not seek her interest, does not get angry, does not take into account the evil received, does not enjoy injustice, but is pleased with the truth.
Let us prepare ourselves for a time in which Life, with its Truth, with its codes of charity, will show us the way, where new and deceptive falsehoods will precede, as in labor pains, a new civilization. A time where falsehoods sold as truth and hidden truths will come to light. A time that is not easy but a certain history, how certain is life.

Guido Bissanti

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