Favonio is a hot and strong wind coming from the southern or western quadrants and, in general, it is considered as a wind that has a direction of 213 ° 45 ′.
The Favonio, in the autumn and winter period, is warm and humid, in the spring it is mild, while in the summer it is warm and dry.
Favonio, however, can occur, in different configurations, also on both sides of the Alpine chain.

The same wind that before the Alps blows with particularly cold temperatures, arrives in Italy with much milder temperatures.
An air stream, in overcoming a mountain range, loses part of its humidity in precipitation (rain or snow). When the current rises upwards, in fact, the air expands upon cooling; if the condensation of the water vapor leads to rainfall, you do not return to the conditions from which you started and the air arrives downstream with a temperature higher than the departure temperature.

Guido Bissanti

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