In meteorology the Ostro or Austro (which comes from the Latin Auster, that is the southern wind) is the name of a wind that blows from the southern quadrants.
Ostro is also called the South wind, a direction indicated symbolically in the so-called compass rose.
Due to its origin, often ours is confused with the libeccio and sirocco winds, which are notoriously winds that blow from the south.
The presence of this wind in Italy determines a recall of hot air from the south and in general it is still a hot and humid wind that brings rain.

Ostro is a generally dry wind, when it is associated with the formation of the African subtropical anticyclone towards the north; in these conditions our door brings with it gusts of heat which can also persist the greatest effects of which have this wind tends to favor.
The presence of the ostro wind can also occur before the passage of a low pressure area. In this there is a significant rise in temperatures which can however be considered ephemeral and of short duration, even if it carries higher levels of humidity.

Guido Bissanti

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