Lyophyllum fumosum

Lyophyllum fumosum

Lyophyllum fumosum (Lyophyllum fumosum (Pers .: Fr.) Orton) is a basidiomycete fungus belonging to the Tricholomataceae family.

Systematic –
From the systematic point of view it belongs to the Domain Eukaryota, Kingdom Fungi, Basidiomycota Division, Basidiomycetes Class, Order Agaricales, Family Tricholomataceae and then to the Genus Lyophyllum and to the Species L. fumosum.They are obsolete synonyms: Clitocybe conglobata (Vittad.), Clitocybe smoky ( Pers .: Fr.) P. Kumm., Clitocybe smoky var. connata and Lyophyllum aggregatum ssp. cinerascens (Bull.) Singer.

Etymology –
The term Lyophyllum comes from the Greek λύω lýo dissolve, separate, break and from φύλλον phýllon leaf, lamella: for the lamella without conjunctions, without anastomosis. The specific epithet fumosum derives from smoke fumus: smoky, smoky, due to the gray color of the carpophore.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat –
The Lyophyllum fumosum is a fungus that is found in the grass, at the edge of the woods, especially broad-leaved and often in places where there have recently been fires of weeds. It almost always appears bushy. Fruits in the period between late summer and autumn.

Recognition –
This fungus is recognized for a hat that reaches a maximum of 10 cm in diameter, smooth and shiny, consistent and cartilaginous; this is first convex, then flat and finally flat-depressed, of a white-dirty color or ocher-ash-colored and with a margin often a little involute. The slats are attached or smeared, dense and separable, light gray. The stem is cylindrical and enlarged at the base and inside it is full. The meat is solid and whitish in color, with a sub-zero smell and a bitterish taste. White microscopy is observed under the microscope.

Cultivation –
Lyophyllum fumosum is currently not a cultivated mushroom.

Uses and Traditions –
It is a mushroom of excellent edibility and great yield for the consistency of the meat. Possible confusions can be made with Entoloma sinuatum (very poisonous mushroom), which is distinguished above all because of the dirty that is white and not pink.

Preparation Mode –
Lyophyllum fumosum is a fungus of good yield that lends itself to many preparation and conservation methods; in any case it requires more or less prolonged cooking to soften the tenacity of one’s own flesh.

Guido Bissanti

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