Olio essenziale di Basilico – proprietà ed usi

Basil essential oil – properties and uses

The basil (Ocimum basilicum, L., 1753) is an annual herbaceous plant of the Lamiaceae family, which is normally cultivated as an aromatic plant. It is a bushy herb cultivated in all countries with a temperate climate.
It is a species originating in India. Basil is typically used in Italian cuisine as well as in Asian cuisines such as Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, because of the marked fragrance of its leaves, which depending on the variety can be more or less sweet or pungent.
In this sheet we will see the properties and uses of Basil essential oil.

Of the basil, in addition to the uses in the kitchen, the leaves are used or the entire aerial topping in the phytotherapeutic field but also in the perfume industry.
As a mouthwash it is indicated against inflammation of the oral cavity. The oil is used to massage the body parts that are painful or affected by rheumatism. Because of these benefits, its use has spread from Africa to traditional medicine in Brazil. Ayurvedic medicine also assigns various properties to the Ocimum tenuiflorum, or sacred basil.
The properties of basil are useful for the treatment of digestive disorders, such as indigestion, intestinal colic and hiccups. It is also an excellent sedative and anxiolytic.
To improve digestion you can use 5 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of honey.
In ancient times it was known as royal grass and was considered sacred. Currently, in India, it is used in cults. In addition, dried basil leaves are useful for removing insects from closets.

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