Olio essenziale di Aneto – proprietà ed usi

Dill essential oil – properties and uses

The Dill (Anethum graveolens L.) is an herbaceous species belonging to the Apiaceae family. This plant has an appearance and a scent similar to fennel, with yellow flowers with an umbrella and long and thin leaves; it grows spontaneously in the fields or along the roadside. It is a typical species of the temperate areas of the Mediterranean. Consider also that ancient peoples considered the dill to be a magical herb.
In this sheet we will analyze the characteristics of the essential oil of dill, properties and uses.
Dell ‘Anethum graveolens are used in the kitchen, in liquor and in phytotherapy.

The essential oil of dill has the following properties: it acts on the digestive system, fights aerofagia, hiccups, vomit. In general this essential oil is useful for stress, anxiety, agitation and nervousness. It balances emotions and has a calming effect on the mind and body.
For the use of the essential oil of dill you can take 3 drops of the same in a spoonful of honey, two to three times a day.
Cosmetic can be used and is soothing in case of inflammation. Purifies the scalp and is an excellent detoxifier.
In the use of the essential oil of Dill it is necessary to follow some warnings and contraindications; do not use during pregnancy, lactation and under 8 years. We must also be careful not to use it pure and at high concentrations.

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