The juglone is an organic molecule, aromatic in nature, with a brute or molecular formula C10H6O3 and that in the IUPAC nomenclature it is defined: 5-hydroxy-1,4-naphthalenedione.
Juglone is a compound that in nature is found in the leaves, roots and barks of species belonging to the Juglandaceae family. It is present in particular in the Black Walnut (Juglans nigra L., 1753) and the White Walnut (Juglans regia L., 1753).
The juglone, like other substances of the plant world, emitted above all from the roots, plays an allelopathic role. Allelopathy is a phenomenon that occurs very frequently in interspecific competition and intraspecific competition between plants in the agroecosystem, whereby a plant releases in the soil, following its metabolism, substances that inhibit the growth and development of neighboring plants .
The juglone, emitted by some species, prevents or hinders the growth of the other botanical species with which it comes into contact.

The phenomenon of allelopathy is known to farmers who know how some species, by emitting these substances, through the root system, create problems of interspecific competition and intraspecific competition among the plants.
The action of the juglone is exerted through certain enzymes that inhibit the enzymatic activity of the other species.
The properties of juglone as well as other similar substances can have an interesting development in the creation of easily degradable natural herbicides with very high agroecological compatibility.
The juglone is also used in the cosmetic field, as a dye, for the creation of a tinted base with orange-brown gradations and has been used, above all in the past, as a dye for fabrics and wool in particular.
The juglone is also known by the names of: nucina, regianina, walnut extract, yuglone, NCI 2323 and red oil BS.

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