Thyme essential oil – properties and uses

Thyme essential oil – properties and uses

The Thyme, like all medicinal plants, is a plant that can be used either directly or through its precious essential oils. These oils have a high amount of thymol that, depending on the time of harvest, can vary from 20 to 55%. Other compounds of these oils include: is-cymene, myrcene, borneol and linalool.

The essential properties of thymol are those of a natural antiseptic, so much so that before the arrival of antibiotics this oil was used to disinfect wounds and for medical bandages. Its antimicrobial disinfectant properties make this oil an essential substance for wounds, eczema, inflammation, erythema, dermatitis, canker sores and stomatitis.
Among the applications of this oil it is worth mentioning the effectiveness against different fungi including the fungus of the toenails.
The use of the essential oil of thyme, like all products with therapeutic properties must always be done after medical consultation, in fact there are also precautions to be taken related to some contraindications: some compounds of thyme essential oil can sensitize the skin.
In any case, the essential oil of thyme, like all other essential oils, should be used diluted and never pure. In dilution you can use vegetable oils such as extra virgin olive oil, or if you prefer something less strong in the sweet almond oil oil or avocado oil.

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