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Journey through a changing rural world. A world that changes thanks to the initiative and above all attention to the nature of sensitive farmers, respectful of the rules and principles of the same.

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5^ Stake –  Marisco’ – Laura Bargione Agricultural Farmer

THE FARMER: The Mariscò Farmer – Laura Bargione Agricultural Farmer is located in the c / da Cambuca – SP 30 KM 5.4 – 90046 Grisì, of the Municipality of Monreale (PA)

Farmer Description – The farmer is dedicated to agricultural activities conducted in biological with the aim of enhancing and disseminating the Sicilian products, as well as the knowledge and experimentation of traditional crops and healthy eating.
Since 2010 it has been hosting subjects with psychological and physical problems and social support, supporting each project through training in agriculture with supervision by experts in the field.

Motivations of the owner – For the great commitment of my parents, who gave me their passion, our farm was born.
But it took little to understand that the most powerful weapon we have is the family, which, with a broader view, we believe is the model of reference for our agriculture.
With attention to the issues of innovation and multifunctionality, we have therefore decided to place a strong focus on the quality of life aspects so that, around the rural family, synergies can be created that can promote, through specific interventions and tools, the enhancement not only of the territory but also of the social reality linked to it.
We have therefore chosen to become part of the Sicilian Social Farms Network and, with numerous projects in our hands, we have established stable partnerships with various operating units in the territory that deal with the recovery and growth of young and adult carriers of different types of discomfort.
By combining agricultural and social activities, with the aim of producing goods and services useful to the community, we have managed to carry out activities such as the Out-door Experiential Paths or the Agricultural-Biological Laboratories that not only expand physical and mental abilities of the interested subjects, but they foresee the CO-designing and the CO-constructing in order to promote a healthy socialization experience among young people and strengthen their interpersonal skills.

Farmer Features – Our Company is located behind the town of Grisì, a fraction of the Municipality of Monreale (Province of Pa).
In the farm there is a rich olive grove consisting of 1200 trees of the Cerasuola, Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla varieties, from which our extra virgin olive oil comes from, obtained only by cold mechanical procedures.
Our main production includes olive oil and wine grapes, with high-end organoleptic characteristics. In addition, since 2008 the production of spring-summer vegetables has been started for fresh consumption and also for processing.
The company is part of the Sicilian Social Farms Network and, in addition to the numerous projects carried out, since 2014 we have started a stable collaboration with structures that deal with the recovery and growth of young teenagers with discomfort.
In the farm you can take advantage of services such as accommodation, catering, cooking courses, wellness programs, teaching, direct sale of processed products (oil, jellies and seasonal fruit jams, preserves, tomato juice and tomato sauce ready to use, all produced in organic) company visits and guided tastings.

  1. Agricultural Products – Yes
  2. Zootechnical Products – No
  3. Agricultural Products Transformed – Yes
  4. Transformed Zootechnical Products – No
  5. Company Products Tasting – Yes
  6. Educational Services – Yes
  7. Other –

How to contact the company: Internet site

Owner Dr. Laura Bargione – cell. +39 3911555282

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