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Travel through a changing rural world. A changing world thanks to the entrepreneurship and above all attention to the Nature of Sensitive Farmers and respectful of the rules and principles of the same.

Ecosustainable Farm

3 ^ Point – RurAlia Farm

The Farm: It is located in the municipality of Alia (PA), in the heart of Sicily, in the Porcheria district (from
Latin pulcherrima, beautiful and fertile land). 10 minutes from the Caves of Gurfa, a rocky arch site, dug out of man’s hands in reddish sandstone. Among the fields of ancient grains, legumes, vegetable garden, orchard, aroma garden, 16 hectare forest, multifunctional hall with rural library, white art kitchen and workshops, cheeses and preserves

Farm Description – RurAlia is a farm dedicated to biodiversity for agriculture and food.
The world’s leading trade has often led to the marginalization of traditional farming systems, the loss of biodiversity and the eradication of history, memory and food culture. Earth is the origin of our foods.
Food quality is often linked to biodiversity that enhances taste and nutritional values, combining the conservation of natural resources with the agricultural economy. Ruralia supports traditional cultural activities, didactic, recreational, popular, hiking, sports activities to rediscover its visitors’ contact with nature and animals, the perfume and the fresh and genuine taste of typical products related to peasant culture, A healthy lifestyle and in harmony with nature and respect for the environment. The farm is a large and welcoming “outdoor lab”.

Idea and Objectives of the Entrepreneur – The Company was born with the aim of:

  • Establish didactic-educational and scientific activities directed at institutes of every order and grade, from elementary to high school, in order to provide the cognitive basis for agricultural and food education;
  • To create a cultural workshop suitable for promoting educational projects for schools of every order and degree, aimed at knowledge of biodiversity for agriculture and nutrition with theoretical lessons associated with practical activities;
  • Allow observation, manipulation, discovery of agricultural and food resources with the use of all senses;
  • Conservation and dissemination of a cultural heritage linked to the agricultural and food history of plants and animals that have accompanied man in his evolution course;
  • Promote a site’s quality of service that is appealing both to economic categories and to cultural tourism.

Farm Characteristics – RurAlia is a reality of nature where to discover and know the agricultural and food cycles linked to land and food processing, such as the White Art Laboratory, the
Grinding antique grains, dough, natural leavening, fresh bread and pasta crafts.
Immersed in nature, between the fields of ancient grains and the preservation of fruit germplasm, walking through the woods and the pond, leaving it inhaled by the aroma of aromatic plants. In contact with farm animals, including bunnies, sheep, goats, geese, hens, pharaohs, turkeys, donkeys and horses. Agricultural biodiversity is the true strength of this cell of nature. In this company we find:

  • Ancient Branches: Bidi, Majorca, Black of the Madonie, Perciasacchi, Realforte, Russello, Tumminia;
  • Legumes: beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas, beans;
  • Garden of Flavors: laurel, basil, lavender, mint, myrtle, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme;
  • Vegetables: garlic, beets, broccoli, cabbage, artichokes, hams, onions, watermelons, fennel, lettuce, corn, aubergines, peppers, chillies, tomatoes, celery, spinach, pumpkin, zucchini;
  • Orchard: apricot, cherry, cotogno, pomegranate, pear, peach, plum;
  • Olive oil: whitecurrant and cerasuola;
  • Wood: Hardwood (robinia, owl, ornamental, leccio, roverella, white walnut, tamerice, conifers (cedar of atlas, common cypress, domestic pine), shrubs (oleander, alimo, broom);
  • Animals: sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, hens, pharaohs, geese, turkeys and rabbits.

Business Spaces and Equipment – Within this small cell and reproduction of nature, there are several spaces and facilities:

  • “White Art” laboratory for bread, pasta, pizza and sweets with didactic mill, kneading machine and oven;
  • Laboratory “Colors of Health” for the processing of fruit and vegetables;
  • Laboratory from “Terra alla Tavola”;
  • Laboratory of “milk to cheese”;
  • Professional Cuisine;
  • Multimedia didactical classroom;
  • Rural Library;
  • Parking for pulmann.
  1.  Agricultural Products – Yes
  2. Animal Products – No
  3. Transformed Agricultural Products – Yes
  4. Transformed Animal Husbandry Products – No
  5. Corporate Product Tasting – Yes
  6. Didactic Services – Yes
  7. Other –

How to contact the Company: Alia (PA) – Contrada Porcheria SS 121 Palermo-Catania km 182,500

GPS: 37.741318, 13.744265
Info: 3207273387 – 3343517518 – –

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