Mixed Forest

Mixed Forest

Hardwood forests and temperate mixed forests are biomes of temperate terrestrial climates. In these ecoregions we find deciduous forests and mixed deciduous and coniferous forests. The term “deciduous forests and temperate mixed forests” was used by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the study that illustrates the division of the planet into biomes, echoes and ecoregions. In eastern United States a mixed forest, dominated by deciduous plants to the north and by various kinds of yellow pines to the southeast, has been mostly uprooted or cut down.

In New Zealand the western coast of the southern island includes some of the vastest extensions of native mixed forest and furnishes the largest part of exported lumber such as the kauri, the rimu, the kahikatea and the totara. In Russia a mixed forest, composed by conifers and broadleaf trees, occupies the central area of the eastern Russian plain, from St. Petersburg in the north, up to the border with the Ukraine to the south. Here the dominant species are oaks, birch trees, maples and the white hornbeams.

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