Humid tropical climates

Humid tropical climates

Humid tropical climates is typical of the warm equatorial area between the two tropics; the humid tropical climates entirely lack a winter season. The medium temperature is constantly above 18 °C and the temperature range is very small. Within this climatic zone is found the climate of the rain forest, or the equatorial climate and the climate of the savannah.

The first is characterized by frequent precipitations, whose more evident effect is the extremely luxuriant vegetation of the rain forest; it is found in the Amazonian region, in central Africa and in the coastal regions of the Indian Ocean. The second, that of the savannah, is the climate of transition between equatorial humidity and the aridness of the desert area. It is characterised by a dry season and its vegetation is dominated by the grassy meadowland, interrupted by some xerophyte-type trees.

Guido Bissanti

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