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Travel through a rural world that is changing. A changing world thanks to the initiative and especially attention to the sensitive nature of Farmers and respectful of the rules and principles thereof.

Ecosustainable Farm

2nd Stake – Azienda Agricola Aldo Bongiovanni

The Farm: You can be reached through the SP 20 to a few hundred meters from the San Biagio Platani leads to Casteltermini, in the province of Agrigento and then taking the right interpoderale a road leading up to it. Some signs will guide you in the company.

Farm Description – The Farm Aldo Bongiovanni Agricola is something rare if not unique in Sicily. It is a reality where for years is collected and reproduced countless plant species both for food, medicinal alimurgici that. A small extension of land but dense of species and varieties that are likely today estinsione and instead here are grown and reproduced.

Entrepreneur Idea and Objectives – Aldo Bongiovanni applies for years a playback concept in its small territory of the balances and principles of Nature; without altering them, without interfering with them; indeed favoring them.
Not only the balance in favor of plants but also of animals, which they engage with delicate and often invisible role. Aldo Bongiovanni, about animals, says in this regard: “They are connected with the environment, with nature. Dialogue with them is necessary, especially since they are moving, they are travelers, postmen, collect minerals, transform, they do a lot of jobs, that sometimes we do not notice, and maintain a certain order. A hedge, for example, is important as border, because it keeps insects, predators, birds that feed on insects; lives in a small pond toad that feeds on mosquito eggs, the dragonfly eating mosquitoes, the hedgehog eats wasps make their nests there. To my crops comes this input, it needs to make harmony to any environment. ”

About the Company – In the company there are hundreds and hundreds of medicinal herbs, alimurgiche, which are carefully cultivated, reproduced and hence can not guess oils, mothers, essences dyes now almost forgotten by a Western model of agriculture became cold and detached from life and only laboratory put at the service of Man that is Nature. But the true meaning of this company, which is absolutely visited, is the breath in which it is perceived. A breath that is not only pure air but a perception of coming into contact with nature and especially with the most spiritual part of the same.

Where to Buy Farm Products: In order to buy its products should go in via Bellini in San Biagio. His company is “From Green Thumb”, the products are called “The Trinaco fragrances”. Trinaco is a character lived 4000 years ago, with the cornucopia of Amalthea in hand distributes all the graces of the land to feed mankind. Amalthea was the goat that suckled Zeus on Mount Ida. Become the king of the gods, to thank her, he gave power to his horns: the owner could get everything he wanted. Hence the legend of the cornucopia.

  1. Agricultural Products – Yes
  2. Animal Products – No
  3. Transformed Agricultural Products – Yes
  4. Transformed Animal Husbandry Products – No
  5. Corporate Product Tasting – Yes
  6. Didactic Services – Yes
  7. Other –

How to Contact the Farm: c.da Russoto: San Biagio Platani
cell. 338/1257111 Aldo

2 thoughts on “Farm Bongiovanni

  • Tuesday November 16th, 2021 at 07:18 PM

    Tre giorni ad Agrigento,dove ho potuto ammirare la bellezza quella vera!!
    Dalla Valle dei templi alla scala dei Turchi alle persone che abitano ai ristoratori che accolgono.Ma il vero viaggio è stato scoprire Aldo.Lui,un uomo semplice ma con una conoscenza imbarazzante piacevolmente.
    Sapevo dell’ esistenza di tali esseri umani ma averlo incontrato sarò sempre grada alla mia amica Laura che mi ci ha portata.
    Un abbraccio grande uomo,ciao Aldo.

    • Tuesday November 16th, 2021 at 09:53 PM

      Veramente una persona eccezionale, il che dimostra che nel silenzio, al di la del fragore di tante brutture questo mondo cela grandi ricchezze.


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