Videos on some Ecosustainability themes


An Ecosostenibile World: A World vision that goes beyond the limits of materialistic culture.
Video Presentation of the Book: How the Titanic?
Guido Bissanti – Aracne Editrice
The Truth which will save the world if men will take Consciousness!
From the Book: How the Titanic? Author Guido Bissanti, Publishing House Aracne, Music Adrian Von Ziegler
Food sovereignty, far from being a fad or something nostalgic is the only true criterion for the Protection of Peoples, of their identities, the relationships of justice among themselves and really related policies to the ecological capacity of the planet, in respecting the uniqueness and local traditions.
Diversity is the cornerstone of Life and who hinders it hinders the same Life.
Sobriety is the essence of the matter, of nature and of life. It is the real principle is critical of social and ecological sustainability of life
The proximity will be the social, ethical, ecological: it will be the true principle of actual human and environmental democracy
The facts, the events, the data that are presented here are all real …
In this generation, the decision of whether to retrace the tragic fate of the Titanic … Or follow the only Way that history has always suggests
Video presentation of the Italian Tour Event