Electric pruning shears

Electric pruning shears

The plant pruning technique has undergone considerable facilitation in recent decades with the introduction of electric scissors.
It is a technical solution that greatly facilitates and speeds up pruning operations.
The electric scissors, however, must have characteristics that allow an easy and safe use; moreover, there is no higher range than others in terms of quality / price ratio as this parameter is determined by a considerable series of variables, linked to the use to be made of it, whether professional or for pleasure, to the number of plants that must be prune, the type of plants, the handling, the battery charge time, the material, etc.
Let’s go into a little more detail.

Convenience and skill handling –
Among the elements that we must take into account on the performance and reliability of an electric pruning shears we certainly find the handling skills.
Too heavy scissors are difficult to handle, as a result of which the cutting precision decreases and, consequently, the poor efficiency of this operation. In this sense it is always recommended to use models with an ergonomic grip: in this way the effort will be less and pruning less tiring.

Construction materials –
We remind you that an electric pruning shears must be quite solid and resistant, thus guaranteeing optimal stability during the various cutting operations. For this reason, both the plastics and the blades must be of high quality and robustness to withstand rather important, heavy and prolonged stresses and loads.

Battery Life –
The choice of battery life is a parameter that depends on the use made of the electric shear; that is, if of a professional type or for amateur use. Generally, the cheapest models are designed to perform various pruning operations. They are lighter and have a shorter battery life than more professional models. These models are more suitable for carrying out small pruning jobs, and represent the ideal solution for those looking for a versatile and easy to use shears. These are models especially indicated for the maintenance of small gardens, trees and plants with branches that are not too strong.
Moving on to more professional models we find ourselves with batteries designed to last several hours and to guarantee continuous pruning. Furthermore, these models can be sold with spare batteries, to be replaced if necessary.

Design and structure –
Let’s say that all scissors have, for obvious reasons, a similar design.
In general, electric pruning shears consist of:
– a comfortable handle that guarantees a good grip and greater cutting precision;
– well-sharpened blades that can be of different sizes and interchangeable with each other;
– on and off button;
– one or more rechargeable batteries and a suitable battery charger.
However, there are some variants and options that are more present in professional models. In these models, which are obviously more expensive, we can find electronic displays with which it is possible to adjust certain elements such as the cutting speed, the opening and the meeting point of the blades.
Furthermore, all the electric pruning shears can be sold together with practical kits containing useful accessories for pruning. Included in the package, you will find comfortable bags or carrying cases that facilitate the transport and storage of the scissors, interchangeable blades to choose from depending on the pruning operation to be carried out but also protective gloves or vests to wear during pruning operations.
In general, therefore, when choosing the electric pruning shears, you must carefully read the technical characteristics of the same, opting for those characteristics that are deemed most suitable for your use and avoiding the purchase of excessively cheap scissors.
In fact, it must be remembered that the cost / duration and quality ratio is often in favor of tools with a higher price.

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