Cumin essential oil

Cumin essential oil

Cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.), also known as Roman cumin, is an annual herbaceous species of the Apiaceae family; this plant is native to the Mediterranean basin and later also spread to the American continent.
The fruits of the cumin are used both in the kitchen and in liquor and in herbal medicine.
In general the essential oil of Cumin is indicated for the problems of the digestive system, such as aerophagia, meteorism, regurgitation, constipation, slow digestion, colic, flatulence, etc. It is also a galactogen and emmenagogue.
The virtues of the essential oil of cumin are therefore particularly useful and very effective for treating many problems related to digestion; it is instead less known, but used equally, for the nervous system and has relaxing properties, favoring the elimination of stress and favoring sleep.
Now let’s see the main properties of cumin essential oil in aromatherapy:

– Stimulates digestion;
– Antispasmodic;
– Anti inflammatory;
– Aperitif (stimulates the appetite);
– Carminative.
Other secondary properties for which it can be used are as:
– Painkiller;
– Calming;
– Anti anxiety.
Another interesting use is that useful to keep insects away; in this case it is used simply by burning the dried Cumin.
However, when using Cumin essential oil, be careful not to use it for extended periods of time without a prescription. In case of doubt about the dosage consult your doctor or your pharmacist.
Furthermore, you should not use cumin essential oil on children, pregnant or nursing women. It is good to respect the prescribed doses and dilute the oil considerably. Cumin essential oil can be dermocaustic and allergenic; for this reason it is always necessary to carry out a test on the bend of the elbow (this is also very diluted).

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