How to grow marjoram

How to grow marjoram

Cultivation of marjoram is a simple practice that can take place from seeds, from bushes taken directly from another plant or cuttings. Cultivation of marjoram is possible both in pots and in the garden: the plant does not have much need for soil type but it is essential to keep it in a sunny position.
If you start from seeds it is advisable to sow in advance in semen.
The seeds of marjoram must be sown at the beginning of spring in a mixture formed in equal parts of fertile soil and sand.
The marjoram seeds are buried a few millimeters deep. Sowing depth is established by calculating twice the diameter of the seed and considering that the marjoram seeds are very small, it will be enough to move them into the soil with a piece of wood or with the same hands.

Hold the semen (or pot) in the shade and cover it with a transparent plastic sheet or with a glass plate to heat the soil. Sow the marjorum when the outside temperatures are at least 13 ° C. To germinate, hold the damp ground. For spraying irrigation, it is advisable to use a very spraying spray that allows young seedlings to grow with adequate moisture.
Those who have sown in pots will simply have to strain and pick the seedlings to carry forward. Anyone who has sown seedlings will have to choose the seedlings to be transplanted: settling should be done when the marjoram seedlings will be at least 5-6 cm high.
If you want to sow in the field, you need to work well on the soil and seed so that the plants are then spaced about 30-50 cm both on the row and between the rows. The germination of marjoram seed in the field will be much slower so we recommend seeding in seedling and then planting seedlings when they are at least 5-6 cm high.
The multiplication of the marjoram must be carried out in June. Take a 8-10 cm long cuttings from non-flowering basal sprouts. Plant the cake in a mixture of peat and sand and keep it in a cool greenhouse at about 10 ° C. Beat when the cuttings have rooted.

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