Do-it-yourself vinyl glue

Do-it-yourself vinyl glue

The vinyl glue, although not dangerous for humans and animals, is always a synthetic product so it can be a good thing to prepare a DIY glue, especially for those operations where it is better not to introduce synthetic products into the environment ; it is the case for es. of the preparation of mastics by grafting.
The process to prepare this vinyl glue, very similar as operation to those purchased, is very simple and makes use of natural ingredients; in this way a non-toxic and high quality product will be obtained. It is evident that being a natural product and therefore with greater perishability lasts about a week for which it should be prepared only for the abbisogna.

To prepare this DIY glue you need three ingredients: cornstarch, white wine vinegar and water.
To start preparation it is necessary to take two bowls; in one will be mixed a spoonful of water with one of white vinegar; in the other bowl mix about 180 ml of water (slightly less than a medium glass) with 100 ml of cornstarch (half a glass).
The mixing operation between water and corn must be done with great patience as it is necessary to obtain a homogeneous mixture, without lumps and semi-liquid. After this operation, place the water and the vinegar in the bowl in a small saucepan and heat. To this liquid the paste of water and starch should be added gradually. It will then bring to the boil and once reached must remove immediately from the fire. At this point let it cool and, once at room temperature, you can keep this product in hermetically sealed glass jars and in the fridge. The glue is preserved with its characteristics for about a week; this explains why not produce much if not what you actually need.

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