How to prepare almond milk at home

How to prepare almond milk at home

Let’s see with a simple way how to prepare almond milk at home starting from simple and organic ingredients.
The ingredients for this homemade preparation are: 200 g of almond, 1.6 liters of water, a blender, a suitable container, funnel and a filter (preferably raw linen or linen).
For the preparation, after weighing the almonds, these must be transferred into a special container and filled with water at room temperature. You must leave this mixture for an hour so that the almonds will soften. At this point the almonds are drained while the soaking water is reintegrated to the quantity of 1.6 liters.

The drained almonds are put inside the blender and by pressing the water is poured. This operation continues for a few minutes, very gradually, and delicately until a finely chopped pulp is obtained.
When this operation is completed, this pulp is taken and, by squeezing, it is filtered with the cloth and, through the funnel, it is transferred to a bottle. To this basic almond milk you can add thickening agents in the blending phase (small pieces of dates, bananas, etc.).
The residual pressing pulp (okara) should not be thrown away but reused as an ingredient for the filling of cakes or to enrich biscuits. It can also be used for the preparation of dried fruit pralines.
Making almond milk at home is certainly one of the simplest and quickest things you could expect.

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