How to grow borage in your vegetable garden

How to grow borage in your vegetable garden

Borage is a plant that does not require any kind of treatment and it is very easy to grow. It grows everywhere preferring dry soil, loose and exposed in full sun. He lives quietly in soils with pH ranging from 5 to 8. It can be sown directly in the garden in spring, in the garden or in large pots and hassle propagates itself so that if one year you have sown, you can be sure that the ‘next year he will appear on its own and had to be kept under control. The borage can also sow in autumn in this case the production will be anticipated and the plants will be larger.
Borage flowers from May to September, and the seeds ripen from July to October.

The leaves have a flavor reminiscent of the cucumber and is among the wild plants most used in the kitchen.
Borage for food using the leaves harvested in the spring and are used fresh. After flowering to use only the youngest leaves. They can be also used flowers.
If you want to use the borage for its active ingredients it should be consumed fresh so it should be collected when needed because with the drying its properties decreased significantly.
It is a very rustic plant that does not suffer from particular parasitic attacks or plant diseases.

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