How to grow aromatic plants in the terrace

How to grow aromatic plants in the terrace

The possibility of creating green in the terraces and balconies gives a noteworthy sense of wellbeing, but if the cultivated plants belong to the aromatic ones, in addition to wellness you will also have aromas, scents and essences that you can then use in the kitchen or for therapeutic purposes.
However, it is always advisable to design these spaces with at least a preliminary sketch showing the dimensions of the planters, the spaces for the passages and, recommended, the irrigation system possibly automated with small programmers of a few tens of euros.
Among the spaces you will also have a useful corner for the preparation of the terrines and preliminary work necessary before the planting of the seedlings; a small laboratory that can also be created with a small table (to avoid bent work that is not useful for your back).

Another precaution to be evaluated is the exposure of your terrace or balcony. If you are in cold areas avoid exposures to the north and exposed to cold winds; you risk having considerable disappointments.
The first job to do will be to buy planters of adequate size; I recommend dimensions at least 30 cm deep and equally wide; the length will depend on the design of the space. The recommended soil is that purchased in specialized shops or if you have available land owned (which should not be clayey and limestone) mix this in the proportion of 1/3 of land and 2/3 of compost. The seedlings to be purchased must have a dimension of 10-15 cm in height and you must distance them at least 25 cm from each other.
Once you have built a small hole to accommodate the new seedling cover all with the same soil, compact the soil slightly, irrigate immediately and if you notice that it has settled add more soil until you leave 3-4 cm below the level of the pot. It is good to put perlite on the bottom of the pots or if you have the possibility of small pebbles of the type of river that will help you make a highly draining surface.
For irrigation, if you do not want to have the worry of irrigating you (in the summer sometimes two irrigations are needed (one in the morning and one in the evening) you can equip your planters with a black polyethylene tube, specially perforated at the distances of plants (you buy in gardening stores) connected to the water system by means of a small programmable timer.This is the most technological solution but also more convenient that gives you the opportunity to absent even a few days without the worry of having abandoned the plants.
For the fertilization you can integrate the good endowment of the soil with periodic contributions of coffee residues and with supplies of nettle macerate that fertilize and strengthen your plants.

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