Natural insecticide based on Ryania

Natural insecticide based on Ryania

The natural insecticide based on Ryania is obtained from the homonymous plant, Ryania (Ryania speciosa Vahl, 1796) which is a tropical plant belonging to the Salicaceae family. With its dried and finely ground wood, a natural insecticide is obtained which is used to defend the pome fruit from the carpocapsa of the apple tree (Cydia pomonella). The active ingredient is a vegetable alkaloid: ryanodine, capable of deactivating ryanodine receptors and thus blocking muscle contraction. The affected pests stop the trophic, motor and reproductive activity; finally, paralysis and death.

Ryanodine is very soluble in water and stable in light.
The Ryania is a very vigorous shrub; the cut drums are replaced by others of equal size within a year; for this reason the exploitation of this plant does not involve the destruction of spontaneous South American vegetation, creating an economic (and even ecological) interest in its maintenance.
But be careful because the natural Ryania-based insecticide, with its active ingredient, is toxic to humans and warm-blooded animals.

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