Cypress essential oil – properties and uses

Cypress essential oil – properties and uses

The essential oil of cypress is obtained from the Cupressus sempervirens.
It is used as a vasoconstrictor in external use and for those with circulation problems, for cellulite, for water retention issues, haemorrhoids, varices and capillary fragility, moreover this oil is useful against the formation of edema and hematomas; other uses are those as anti-rheumatic.
The essential oil of cypress finds applications as an antidepressant; in fact, if inhaled it has a general rebalancing action on the nervous system. Other uses of cypress essential oil are expectorant for internal use, indicated in the presence of cough, in cases of pertussis, tracheitis, bronchitis. In some cases it is used among natural remedies in cases of migraine.

In addition to having to consult anyway and always a doctor in the use of natural products we advise against the internal use of essential oil during pregnancy and lactation.
The active ingredients of the essential oil are: terpineol, tannins, catechics.
Of the Cypress you can use two distinct parts: the leaves, or the young branches and the fruits. The former are relatively rich in essential oil and have balsamic and expectorant properties for internal use; for external use they can be used with detergent, slightly antiseptic and re-epithelizing properties. The fruits are richer in tannins, have astringent, vasoconstrictive, anti-inflammatory properties and are usefully used, internally or externally, in the treatment of varices and hemorrhoids, to tone the bladder muscles and prevent the involuntary loss of urine during the night.

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