Bergamot essential oil – properties and uses

Bergamot essential oil – properties and uses

The essential oil of bergamot is obtained by pressing the bergamot (Citrus Bergamia). A plant of Asian origin and cultivated almost exclusively in Sicily and Calabria.
The essential oil of bergamot has long been known for its many properties. It is an excellent disinfectant and antibacterial. There are several applications for skin infections such as acne or blackheads, used with moisturizers or mixed with boiling water for use in a steam bath.
One of the uses of the essential oil of bergamot is against halitosis; it is used in the form of rinsing with a few drops in water also useful for the treatment of abscesses and oral infections, such as stomatitis.

Another interesting use is that for genitourinary infections and as anti-spasmodic for colic and intestinal parasitosis and for the symptomatology of meteorism, flute line and as an adjuvant to stimulate digestion and appetite.
It is an oil used in aromatherapy in states of depression, stress and various tensions. It seems that it helps to reduce the states of agitation, infusing the right serenity and calm. For the same reason it is used for states of insomnia.
It is important that its use is always followed by a medical prescription and that all essential oils are never used or taken in pure form but always diluted. Particular attention should be paid to its skin use before exposure to the sun because it could promote the appearance of skin spots and to avoid even during pregnancy and lactation, as well as on children.

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