How to grow chives organically

How to grow chives organically

For the cultivation of chives (Allium schoenoprasum L., 1753) remember that this is a perennial plant of the family Liliacee that forms thick bushes that can reach about 25 cm in height. Plant characterized by long and thin leaves, tubular with flowers that appear between the end of spring and the first summer months and pink.
The leaves of the plant dry in the winter to reject, thanks to the presence of the bulb, in spring.
The propagation of this plant is possible both for the head and for sowing. If we start from the division of the tufts, we must operate this operation in the fall (or at the end of winter) taking advantage of the vegetative rest of the plant. Since the roots of the chives are bundled to form bulbs, it is quite easy to undermine the plants from the ground to obtain the clumps to be transplanted.

On the other hand, if you start from seed, it is advisable to prepare a seedbed during the spring with subsequent transplanting into the vegetable garden. The recommended implant size is 20-25 cm between each other and as regards irrigation, these must be abundant, especially during the transplantation period and then slightly decrease during the vegetative phase.
The area where sowing it can be indifferently sunny or shaded; it is a plant that adapts well provided that during the summer period (especially if you choose a sunny area) keep the soil constantly moist.
It is advised to consociate chives with other plants including carrots, celery and fennel. This type of cultivation guarantees a better quality of the known plants and better phytosanitary resistance conditions. The chive is however a plant very resistant to parasitic attacks.
As for the collection, this should be done without exaggerating so as not to unduly debilitate the plant. the harvesting period of the leaves may take place throughout the year, except during the winter season.

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