Cinnamon essential oil – properties and uses

Cinnamon essential oil – properties and uses

The essential oil of cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum J.Presl, sin C. zeylanicum Blume) is obtained from a plant of the Lauraceae family and originating in Sri Lanka but introduced in several tropical countries, such as Madagascar, Malaysia and Antilles. Cinnamon is also produced in Vietnam, Sumatra and Indonesia.
This oil is known for its antiseptic and toning properties and it is useful against some the symptoms of diarrhea, cough and cold.

It is said that the main properties of the essential oil of cinnamon are related to its toning action, if inhaled, which favors creativity and inspiration; invigorating especially in cases of depression, loneliness and fear.
Apart from these properties, the essential oil of cinnamon exerts a powerful antiseptic and antibacterial action with a broad spectrum.
It is used, for internal use, with 2 drops diluted in little honey for the symptoms of diarrhea caused by intestinal infections and parasites. But it finds applications, for the same property as an effective remedy against influenza, especially in the presence of cough and cold.
It has a good carminative action; a few drops in almond oil, massaged on the abdomen favor the elimination and absorption of intestinal gas, while helping the digestive process.
The essential oil of cinnamon turns out to be stimulating of the nervous system, with mild aphrodisiac effects; performs an action of acceleration of breathing and heartbeat.

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