Eucalyptus essential oil – properties and uses

Eucalyptus essential oil – properties and uses

The essential oil of eucalyptus (like all essential oils) is a mixture of various compounds. Among the main compounds contained in the essential oil of eucalyptus are distinguished: eucalyptol (70-78%), pinene (4-28%), camphene (0-23%), limonene (3-5%), terpienol (2- 3%), terpinen-4-ol (0-35%), linalool (0-25%).
Among the most used we recall the one made from the leaves of Eucalyptus globolus.

The main properties of eucalyptus essential oil are analgesic and antibacterial. It acts as an expectorant and improves the respiratory act. It is also considered beneficial for skin care. Due to the characteristics and quality of its perfume it is used in aromatherapy. The diffusion of essential oil of eucalyptus in the air allows to counteract the germs present at home during periods of illness (for example flu and cold). It is used for massages helping to improve blood circulation and promote vasodilation. It is also useful in infections affecting the gastrointestinal tract (such as massage of the abdomen in case of dysentery). Massages with essential eucalyptus oil can be beneficial for those suffering from neuralgia. It relaxes the muscles and improves blood flow to the area where there is pain and inflammation. You can apply it in small quantities on the skin, always better if diluted.
It is also useful as a repellent for insects, especially for mosquitoes.
However, you should be careful to consult a doctor for any therapeutic use and especially the essential oil of eucalyptus is considered unsuitable for children.

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