Lavender essential oil – properties and uses

Lavender essential oil – properties and uses

Lavender oil can come from the different varieties of lavender, although it is generally extracted from the Lavender vera (Lavandula officinalis). Another variety used can be the Lavandula latifolia. Between the two essential oils there are differences in some components.
In any case, the main active ingredients of Lavender oil are: linalool and linalyl acetate, which give the typical scent, camphor, which has a strong pain-relieving power, cineole, with antiseptic properties and also: borneol, flavonoids, rosmarinic acid and limonene, just to mention the most important.

Lavender essential oil is one of the most widespread and delicate essential oils; in any case, any essential oil, before use, should be diluted in an oil (we recommend extra virgin olive oil or, in the absence, sweet almond oil). Dilution is necessary because the essential oils are very concentrated and rich in active ingredients which, as they are, can cause side effects.
Lavender essential oil is considered to have a relaxing effect on the muscles, relaxing, facilitating sleep and possessing antibacterial properties and actions that promote digestion. Always among the effects of its properties we remember those against colds and some headaches.
Among its applications, it is used as a healing wound for sores, burns and to speed up the healing process of insect bites. In natural cosmetics, Lavender essential oil is particularly appreciated for its purifying effect on the skin; moreover it acts effectively against acne and dermatosis. The use on the skin must of course always be diluted in another carrier oil.

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