Italy, first in Europe for biodiversity

Italy, first in Europe for biodiversity

The international journal Plant Biosystems published an Italian biodiversity study (An updated checklist of the vascular flora native to Italy). The study shows that with 8,195 species and subspecies, of which 1708 are endemic (ie, exclusive of the Italian territory) and 26 probably extinct, Italy is in first place in Europe for biodiversity of native plant species.
The study, which lasted around fifteen years, was conducted by the Floristic, Systematics and Evolution Group of the Italian Botanical Society thanks to the help of 51 Italian and foreign researchers.
The regions that have the primacy in this classification of native plant species are: Piedmont (3.464), Tuscany (3.370), Lombardy (3.272), and Abruzzo (3.190).
Do not appear in this ranking Regions with an incredible biodiversity like Sicily and Calabria and this makes us suspect on the methods of census taken by the team of researchers.


Anyway, Italy, in the entire Mediterranean basin, is second only to Turkey in this particular classification, which means that we must immediately increase the interest, the financial resources and the policies of safeguarding this huge, larger asset (also in economic terms). ) of the entire GDP of the country and of all economic programs that can be hypothesized.
We recall that biodiversity, even and above all in terms of energy, is the greatest source of healthy food, air, renewable energy, water, etc. .. biodiversity is in reality the real social, cultural and economic engine of a country but that that with great dedication they try to do the Italian researchers, now almost neglected in the research and financial programs to themselves, seems to completely escape the logic and objectives of a political class now reached its terminus.
It is necessary to understand that the protection of biodiversity, and therefore of the Italian territory, is not merely philosophical and poetic attention; it is the foundation for the reconstruction of a new civilization that grows and develops from the ruins of what is now dying.

Guido Bissanti

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