How to grow potted ginger

How to grow potted ginger

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is one of the plants that is spreading more and more in the world and this, of course, for its qualities and characteristics. In fact, ginger, in addition to its valuable uses in the kitchen, is very good in case of bowel disorders, but is good for the stomach and digestive system in general, in fact stimulates the pancreas and increases the production of enzymes that promote digestion , avoiding side effects such as acidity or heaviness.
The cultivation of ginger does not require special care, therefore suitable even for those not in the trade. To cultivate the ginger in pot it will be necessary to implement only a few small measures. First we must consider that it is a perennial plant with annual vegetation cycles.

It can reach about one meter in height, with narrow green leaves and yellow or orange flowers and is native to the rainforest of South Asia. For this reason, the temperature of the environment in which ginger is grown must never fall below 15 degrees and in a position where the plant can have a filtered sun available. The soil must be rich in organic substance and can not stand water stagnations. To increase drainage, expanded clay can be used at the base of the vase.
For its cultivation it starts from the rhizomes (which are the parts of the roots from which the plant re-enacts) and for their choice make sure they are organic and untreated. To be sure, buy the rhizomes from the most supplied agricultural consortia or online sales.
The best time to start growing ginger is from the end of winter until the beginning of summer. As with potatoes, if the rhizome has more sprouts, you can dissect it and get more plants.
The vase must be big and deep enough because the roots require space for their development, better if they are planters. A 40 cm diameter vase can accommodate 3 plants placed at 15-20 cm, one from the other.
As said, the soil must be well drained, with a composition of 50% of medium-textured soil of a 50% of mature compost. This is the optimal blend. It is necessary to water once a day, in the evening hours, from the planting to the complete development of the plant. At this point the irrigations must be thinned out when the temperatures begin to lower. The harvest can be made after five or six months from the start of cultivation. You will understand it when the leaves start to shrivel and you will have to collect when they dry completely.
For better production you will have to sacrifice the bloom, so you will have to remove stems and flowers so as not to subtract nourishment from the rhizome.
For growing in the garden this is possible, in our climates, only in the south, in coastal areas and exposed to the south. In other cases it is advisable to cultivate ginger in pots so, during the summer, ginger should be grown in the balcony or in the garden, while in the winter months you will bring the pots in the house.

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