How to grow mushrooms at home

How to grow mushrooms at home

In order to create this fun but very useful cultivation, it is important to consider that before proceeding you have to choose which variety to cultivate; the most practical are certainly the Pleurotus, the white Champignon and the Shiitake. Even if the cultivation method is similar, the substratum changes: the straw for the Pletorus, the wood sawdust for the Shiitake and the compost of manure for the Champignons.

Now you have to create the ideal habitat for the cultivation that must take place in a place not too sunny, not exposed to drafts and with a good degree of humidity and at temperatures around 20 degrees. Normally, the cultivation of mushrooms must be done in garages or in environments that are very isolated and always kept humid and fresh.
Wooden boxes can be used as containers. At this point the box is filled with the substrate suitable for the chosen variety to which to add a good soil not too acidic. The cassette should be filled up to 4-6 cm from the edge; then it is watered and then left to rest for about 10 days.
It then proceeds to the intergration in the substrate (about 5 cm) of the fungus mycelium, distancing each mycelium dry at least 10 cm from each other (the mycelium can be bought in consortia and in agricultural stores and even online). Once this is done, we must water regularly to keep the substratum moist. They will spend a couple of weeks before the first mushrooms appear. Then proceed with regular watering until harvesting.
The collection must be done very gently by cutting the mushrooms at the base with a small knife. If you follow all these indications you will be able to assure a mushroom production for at least 5-6 months.

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