How to grow truffles at home

How to grow truffles at home

The possibility of producing something personally is perhaps one of the most creative arts that man could have invented because in this case it is not we who dictate the rules but nature through his observation.
If we then combine the possibility of cultivating something particularly valuable then we will be more repaid. This is the case of the cultivation of truffles.
To implement this cultivation, certain aspects must be verified: A good climate, sufficient space (even a small garden around the house), patience and observation skills.

The ideal climate to do it is a hot summer and a cold winter, let’s say fairly balanced and therefore typical of the not too arid Mediterranean climate. In short, avoid sandy soils, swampy areas and above 1000 meters and better if decespugliato, spietrato, worked to accommodate truffles and well drained. The pH of the soil must be around 8, if it falls below it will be corrected with lime to increase its level and a fresh and humus-rich soil is preferable for a successful product. Today it is possible to grow less precious black truffles.
Having chosen the site, one must consider that among the truffles: the Pregiato Nero prefers holm oak, oak, oak, hornbeam and hazelnut; the Scorzone, beech, holm oak and oak; the fine white, lime, hazel and oak.
At this point the first step is to place the truffles (just purchased) near the roots of another plant so that they can absorb the nutrients. Or choose the option (a little ‘less homemade) to address specialized nurseries where you can directly buy the young seedlings already “mycorrhized”, ie in the roots of which have already been grafted spores of a certain species of truffle.
The most suitable time for planting is the autumn-winter if the temperatures are not too low, or spring, taking care to periodically irrigate the seedlings to facilitate their engraftment (water without chlorine, so not network or dechlorated and better if it rains). In the first years of the plant it is of primary importance to control the proliferation of weeds, which subtract light, water and nutrients from the seedlings.
If you have done well every operation the first results will be seen around the 4 year with a peak production of around 10-12 and remain so for about 80 years (there is also for your grandchildren). Given the small size of your truffle will certainly not get you a high income but certainly high satisfaction.

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