How to prepare an excellent insecticide with chilli

How to prepare an excellent insecticide with chilli

To prepare this insecticide, which is very effective for aphids, cochineals, tisanotteri, lice and snails, we must operate in the following way, respecting the proportions according to the quantities to be prepared:
2 cayenne peppers (better yet habanero, which is among the spiciest in the world), 8 liters of water, two tablespoons of dishwashing detergent (even better if Marseille soap in equivalent amounts). At this dosage, if you have available you can add a garlic head, which will make the insecticide even more effective.

For the preparation it is advisable to wear gloves (and to be careful to wash the hands in any case after the preparation operation). At this point we put the two peppers with a cup of water in the blender trying to get a fairly homogeneous mixture. The mixture must be placed in a container and must be diluted with 4 liters of water. In this way we will have obtained a concentrated insecticide (but not suitable to be used directly on plants).
The sample is then extracted with a quarter cup of concentrated compound, pouring into another container where it will be added still about 3 liters and a half of water with the addition of two tablespoons of dishwashing detergent (or Marseille soap in equivalent quantity ).
Everything must be mixed and homogenized a lot. At this point the product is ready to be placed in a vaporizer (or sprayer) for plants.
During all operations it is advisable to use protective glasses.

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